Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Discs and gear on the Gateway Underground site

Since Ebay doesn't allow links to information on our site,, we decided to set up the Gateway Underground site with many of the same style listings.
Here we are able to put pictures up and write descriptions without having to worry about inappropriate links and such.
dont see what you want email or ask!

Each listing is numbered and can be purchased through Pay Pal, by emailing or by calling the shop and paying by CC. 314 487 5204.
please include the listing number and your address when you pay for the order.


I really like using the blog style website forlisting products like this.
On this site we have non stock items that are NOT on our order form and price list, like missed stamps, X outs, short prototype runs, dyed discs and much MUCH more!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rolla lions club 18 hole championship disc golf course is a GO!!!

On Friday I received word we were awarded the contract for the NEW 18 hole disc golf course going in Lions club Park in Rolla, Missouri.

Even though it wasn't official I felt really good after the presentation a few months back at he lions den and I've spent about 20 hours on the design already,,,,!!!!!!
The park is beautiful and VERY well maintained. The land given for the course has some green grassy areas, a decent amount of elevation and some really SWEET pin locations avaiable.
the course will be a mix of open and woods up hill and down,, with a creek coming into play a few times.

My latest style of course design involves mixing up the height your disc can or should be thrown from hole to hole,,,, keeping PRO players off their rhythm and giving a lot of variety to the course. there will be holes that start in a woods where you have to throw out of a shoot and into a clearing and others where yo throw from the open into the woods.
Other holes will be entirely in the woods with2 styles ( 1 with a just the dead trees and honeysuckle removed and the other with a 20 foot wide fairway cleared for the length of the hole with woods on both sides)
there will be a few side arm & tomahawk holes and of course the traditional David McCormack left to right putter shots of ginesse required!

Once complete this will be one of the nicest courses in the Mid-West and home to some big time events!!

Heres an overhead view of the area and some preliminary holes that have been walked.
right nows there's about 23 or so holes. I wanted to make sure the smaller 7-8 acre area was going to be made available before grinding it down to 18, so the course should wind up with a few par 4s maybe 1 par 5,,, similar to the design at Lindenwood in difficulty.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween pumpkins

here are a few pumpkins carved up by Keith Amerson and his family!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Titan Pro-24 finally approved for pdga play at the championship level.

Today we received final; approval for the Titan Pro-24 disc golf target at the championship level.
The hold-up was due to us waiting for the pdga to change a specification to read measurement of the inside diameter as opposed to outside diameter. This was was changed earlier this year.
The Titan surely meets or accedes all of the requirements to be used at the highest level of play as you can see in the pictures.
Our baskets are made of 1/2 inch cold rolled steel right here in St. Louis Missouri,,,, MADE in AMERICA,,,,is the only way to go!!!!
These baskets are guaranteed against bending and breaking and cost $400.00 per basket,,,,, well worth the extra couple bucks.
18 hole course designs and installations come with up to 300 custom stamped discs and much more.

Brian, Dave, and others,

Gateway Disc Sports recently submitted the Titan Pro-24 for PDGA testing. This target passed all PDGA tests, so I've added it to the list of PDGA-approved targets at the Championship level. This target is now PDGA-approved, although formal certification will be made by the Board of Directors at their next meeting. Test measurements are listed below and a photograph of the target and an updated list of approved targets are attached.

One further note on this target is that slight modifications have been made to the basket since it was sent to the TSC last year for preliminary testing before formal submittal for approval, pending modifications to the PDGA target standards. Consequently, Dave McCormack has agreed to send a sample of the latest version of the Titan Pro-24 to the IDGC by mid-December of this year so that players can use it and so that a change in the maximum size of gaps in the basket can be updated on the list of approved targets. Brian, please provide that data to me when you receive the target from Dave.

Titan Pro-24

Certification No. 09-25

PDGA fee: $350

Testing class determined by the TSC: Championship

Basket Properties

Height above ground: 78 cm

Depth: 23 cm

Inside diameter: 67 cm

Minimum size gaps: 20.5 cm

Number of reps: 12

Frame construction: Galvanized metal

Covering: Absent

Basket absent: No

Deflection Assembly Properties

Maximum width: 53 cm
Number of outer chains: 12
Number of inner chains: 12
Frame construction: Galvanized metal
Top construction: Galvanized metal
Mesh: Absent
Maximum size of gaps on top: 14 cm

Other properties
Target zone height: 51 cm
Width of pole: 4.8 cm
Pole construction: Metal


Jeff Homburg (#1025)

PDGA Technical Standards Chair

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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