Monday, June 18, 2007

GATEWAY OPEN at centralia

Well one thing for sure Centralia is probably the number 1 highest scoring 18 hole course in the world.
the course record is 70 and the average for the pros and advanced ams was close to 82.
The temp 9 was pretty cool making the rec 18 a really nice par 3 course,
best score was -4 the first day ( after the big boy) and -9 the second ( before the big boy).

I wish we could have had more players but those that were there seemed to have a lot of fun.

Justin won by 19 and I came in 2nd.

Brian Johnson won advanced shooting a 70 and tying Justin for the course record.

Don Morin edged out Chris Kinsella in the last round for adv masters and Dave Higgins from Centralia made up an 11 stroke deficit in the last round to overtake up and coming Anthony ?? ( from Charleston IL) in the intermediate division!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Diablo DT art contest,,, Win $300.00in merch

We are having a contest for art for the Diablo Dt.
Please send submissions to to be eligible to win $300.00 in merch.

Line art in Illustrator is preferred but we can work with anything that is cool!

Monday, June 11, 2007

check out some new videos on you tube search gdsvideos

We are uploading a few videos of our players and from the factory.
The resolution is not that good, we should have some cleaner video to work with from the St Louis open footage.


do you like super stupid soft wizards?

well we have a special run of SSS wizards that are now available.
contact your local dealer or email or the shop at

Diablo DT will be shipped the week of june 29th

We will be shipping the diablo dt's on the week of june 20th to all participants in the Auto-ship Program.

This is probably the longest flying disc at low trajectories for players with less power & arm speed.
In most cases a players max distance will increase 10-20%!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to be a part of the program or no of a retail store that does, have them contact the office at 314 487 5204 or e mail me

go to you tube and type Centralia disc golf highlights if you want to see a near ace with the diablo on a 455 foot hole!

GATEWAY OPEN at centralia

Well we put the long pins in last Friday and we have a few rounds under the belt.
so far 70 is the course record. Justin shot a 74 on Friday and 1 70 on Sunday.
I wound up with 2 75s, mostly because I cannot put very consistent,.
The long pins really place a precedent on accurate lay ups and more course management.
It doesnt help to just throw big it helps more to throw SMART!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Picture of the Titan Portable

E Elements

We just ran some really sweet E Element X's today and are running the E Element X's tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2007

New site up and running

We're trying to go live with the site smoothly today, and these things rarely go smoothly so bear with us. The site is FAR from complete, which is a good thing because it's already a big site and it will just get bigger and better. I'll make more posts as I have time, we're running frisbees right now. Check back later!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Welcome to David's Blog

Thanks for visiting the site, hope you check out since it's updated. I'll be posting articles here hopefully on a weekly basis, including instructional articles and information about disc design and manufacturing, as well as information about touring Gateway players.

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