Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CHALKY____ BLack_____ Magics

Today we ran some Chalky Black Magics for the 1st time since we released the disc.
This run is right between soft and Medium about a 8 on our scale!
The look and feel awesome, there are about 250 of them.

I'm going to try and run some Chalky Wizards tomorrow hoping for something close to SS for the cold weather!

We also ran Some chalky 150 class Magics and are starting to sell quite a few 150 discs this fall. They are so easy to throw and GREAT for new players.
The 150 Illusions have a little H in them and are LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Niiko article in the kalamazoo paper.

Ok lets try this again:
here is the link to the article in the Kalamazoo paper.

by the way Just talked to Nikko and he said he came in 2nd winning $600.00 this weekend at the A tier in Cable Wisconsin. coming up just short for a back to back A tier wins, Nikko finished 1 stroke behind Cale Laveiska, 7 strokes ahead of 3rd place Paul Mcbeth and 9 in front of Innova's Golden Boy Avery Jenkins.
he said he had a spit out ace on the 3rd to last hole in front of a decent sized Gallery at the telmark Ski resort.
Next stop is 2 one day events in Illinois than off to Usdgc and a shot at the $10,000.00 plus 1st place prize money!

After that I am working on a tour for Nikko and John E McCray that will run from usdgc until players cup, anyone interested in sponsoring these 2 guys for a late season tour can contact me by email

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Light Weight discs--- 150 class

we are in the process of releasing a few discs in 150 class.
we have Illusions, Elements and Magics,,, with more models soon to come.

Lighter weight discs are very helpful in developing good technique and are really great for new players and those with less upper body strength and armspeed.

Also we just ran some Organic Magic ( OG ) that are pretty sweet and should be available at your favorite retailer soon!

dont forget to check out for coll stencil dyes and our new disc golf bag " the Ozark Back Pack"">

video link to centralia

here is a video link with some footage of centralia.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nikko's On Fire!

Well I just heard from Nikko and he said he had a really good time up in Rockford this weekend.
Took took 1st place in the A tier with a 9 throw margin of victory over George Smith and Avery Jenkins. I Think he said Chris Sprague was playing really well but fell off the last round.
This is Nikko's First A tier Victory and he looking forward to Centralia next week and a trip back to Tel-mark Wisconsin the following week for an event on a ski slope.

I wanted to post this following email that was sent to me from a player that was in Rockford this weekend:

Hey Dave-

I really just wanted to say how pleasantly surprised I was to see, talk to and watch Nikko this weekend @ the Illinois Open in Rockford. I've seen comments about Nikko, and heard people not speaking that kindly of him, and I completely disagree. This weekend he showed why he is representing Gateway on and off the course. He played very well, as he has been all year, but more impressively, he was very approachable and nice, all why being a very good ambassador of the sport and of your company. By the way, he never stops! He was putting for hours before the rounds, and quite a while after them as well. I didn't get a chance to tell him good job, but I imagine if I did that he would have been a nice person to talk to. He's one of the best young guns on the tour and the way he played and acted this weekend will make people take a longer look at Gateway and know you guys are for real. Thanks for all you've done for the sport, all you do for the sport, and all you'll be doing for years to come.

Thanks Dave!(and thanks Nikko)

Its letters like this that make what we do at Gateway WORTH it!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gateway Sponsorship of Ultimate team <><><><><>"One Trick Pony"

Gateway is proud to announce a newly formed relationship with a Local up and coming Ultimate Team called,,,,,,,, One Trick Pony!
The team is in their second full season together and from what I hear really starting to gel together. Last year they finished 5th at Regionals and the top 2 teams qualify on for Nationals, the 16 best teams in the country. This year Nationals is the #1 goal and they have been training together since April under the leadership of Abby Doriani, Howie Place, and James McKenzie. This season the Ponies traveled to Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to test Their skills against some of the best teams in the country. Still on our plate this year are upcoming tournaments in Chicago (September 6-7) against some heavy competition, then the qualifying series begins in Iowa City with Sectionals September 20-21, Regionals in Milwaukee October 11-12, and Nationals in Sarasota, Florida October 30- November 2.

Most of the team is made up of College students from Wash U and SLU with a few "older" experienced players on the roster making for a well rounded and very competitive TEAM.
Plans are in the works to organize an event here in St Louis sometime in the near future.

anyone interested in sending a team to St Louis should contact Britt Caldwell ( the one in the pink Shorts and hat going up for the disc!!) for more information contact []

Good luck guys and girls This weekend in Chicago!!

On a side note we are in development of a 2 part ultimate style disc that should be available within a few months!

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