Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Light Weight discs--- 150 class

we are in the process of releasing a few discs in 150 class.
we have Illusions, Elements and Magics,,, with more models soon to come.

Lighter weight discs are very helpful in developing good technique and are really great for new players and those with less upper body strength and armspeed.

Also we just ran some Organic Magic ( OG ) that are pretty sweet and should be available at your favorite retailer soon!

dont forget to check out for coll stencil dyes and our new disc golf bag " the Ozark Back Pack"">


Chris said...

Hey Dave, I really like the feeling of the new organic magics. They feel more solid then the proto wizards you tried. Keep the plastic evolution going!

ed said...

I like the idea of more 150 class discs on the market. I know I would like more available for my wife to throw and me to experment with. They are also great to let new players learn with and develop technique like you stated. I know now I didn't go about learning to throw properly.

I also like the feel of the organic magics.

Keep on moving forward with new ideas.

chainsmoker said...

Those stencil dyes look great.Does anyone know if the new runs of E pretty grippy? A 150 Illusion sounds fun for some downwind bombs.

DJ MockingScott said...

The most extensive line of 150 Class Discs are available at including the 150 S Element and the Newest 150 Class Magic Putter...Sweet!
150 Class discs are very unique...if you have not ever tried one, you are missing out! There are benefits you may never experience if you do not try. See why 150 Class is getting so popular and taking over!

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