Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recent runs of Apache in Evolution

Apache disc art:
Apache profile:
So I finally got out to play a bit yesterday at Creve Coeur.
This is a longer style par 68 course that allows you to actually use the longer flying discs in the bag ( on about 14 holes :) ).

I threw 2-3 drives on just about every hole and was amazed by the speed, control and glide of the Apaches. I was consistently driving 420 plus with a slight hyzer release and a 15-20 foot trajectory and very little movement left or right. The flight patter including fade was VERY VERY tight compared with shots Nikko was throwing with his destroyers. He says he has given up completely on the Boss,,, as they cost him and MOST of his competitors a lot of strokes because of how unpredictable they fly. The Destroyer was the only disc in his bag of Innova that he was throwing longer than me on the hyzer flip and not by much.
On the more open holes where I could get some height and release turned over out of my hand I was matching his Distance within a few yards often out driving him because of the control.

On hole 5 I threw a roller into a tree about 90 feet of the tee. Thinking this direct hit would change the flight characteristic of the disc I left the next 2 drives with the discs a little left, but realized it didnt change the flight at all,,pretty amazing for how hard it hit and I'm not talking about a deflection of a tree,,,it bounce straight back towards me after impact.
Id say this is definitely the best run of evolution plastic we have ever ran!!!

Nikko is on his way to the USDGC Doubles this weekend and the singles championship in 2 weekends.
This will be Nikkos 4th trip to Usdgc ( one time he did not get to play)
Hot off 2 wins in a row and 3 out of his last 4 with his recent Victory at the A tier in Hamilton IL where he hung on for a 1 throw win over Eric McCabe by hitting a downhill 40 footer on hole 17 of the final round and distanced 3rd place finisher Avery Jenkins by 7!

Nikko switched to the Magic a few weeks back and seems to think they require less effort to get into the basket because of the additional glide and added mass on the rim makes them hit and stick.
He is using a RED organic Wizard for lay ups and drives stating" these are really overstable and great into the wind"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lindenwoood lay out version 3

Man this course is coming along,, check it out!

Nikko turns 21 today

OOPs I forgot to tell everyone its Nikkos birthday, the big 21

try rocking out on this for 10 min as a birthday celebration.

Testimonial from a happy customer!!!

I received this email and thought I'd share it with others.

I sent a fllow up email asking "how are the discs working for you"
his response:


Glad you asked. I didn’t want to write back and say these are some of the best putters ever………..but wow the glow wizard you guys threw in and Justin signed (kind of think that has something to do with it!) is my go to putter. I was sold on the clear evo’s but a little to floppy for me in certain situations plus I want to break em out first thing next season. So I found myself relying on the glow from outside the circle and the red soft magic inside 30ft. I have found the magic has more loft (glide??) to stay up where as the wizard will hold most any “laser line” I put it on. I canned a 50ft that I called before release and it just held until it went in. It has been getting dark early and hole 7 at sahm is tucked away so no chance of seeing the basket once you drive I told the guys (2nd shot) I was playing with “I can’t see the basket but listen and we will hear chains…money. Just yesterday hole nine same courses I throw a terrible drive and say to myself this looks like a three. Well I get in my straddle style box putt throw it so hard I kick my self in the butt with my jump putt foot and I am thinking no way!!! Yes way right in. I just raised a fist and keep going. I passed a group that wouldn’t let me through (didn’t say anything just went to the next hole) and I hear one of them say man he just hit that! So I give another fist pump. They keep talking about it and one says rejoice man!!! I just let loose all the way up to the hole spinning and giving fist pumps. Now looking back on that it had to be 60-65ft putt. Not that my putting is as solid as these few stories but I have to think the disc have a lot to do with it. Ever since starting out with a regular evo magic and progressing to the soft wizard and a couple variations of the magic (chalky black proto so sweet) and some organic wizards they have all been solid….but the glo fo sho (tell Justin good call) Sorry about the long story but I love this game and with great unique products and great companies it makes it that much funnier. Thanks a ton for the “Dave deals” and the personal contact. Door is always open in Indiana if you or your players are looking for a place to stay or enjoy the area!!!!

Btw I watch Nikko and the guys on youtube a lot and notice he putts so low almost bringing it to his ankles sideways?? Not that I am trying to change my putt but why is that???

Btw2- the mini’s where awesome. funny I have seen phish 3x this year since their hiatus.Not sure if you are a fan but the mini’s are so right on!!!

Scott Farrell

Walnut Ridge RV Sales

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Most recent run of Evolution Sabres and a new prototype

We started running the new Evolution plastic in the Sabres Yesterday.
This urethane is the same material we used a few years back in the " nike" Spirits.

This TPU is some of the best material made for producing sporting goods and other products where feel, abbrasion resistance and memory are key!

Over the last few weeks have run this material in all 4 putters, the Spirit, (retooled) Speed Demon, Apaches and now the Sabre.
These runs of discs offer a nice flexible flight plate with a firmness in the rim and a nice grippy surface.

Today during test flights of the Sabres, I threw 2 discs back and forth down the street about 10 times each way ( 20 throws with each).
The results of the testing were GREAT,,,, as the durability was excellent and the feel in the hand as good as anything Ive ever felt.
The 2 discs barely had a scracth on them, even after sliding across the concrete 20 times.
As far as the flight goes these discs were perfectly straight flyers over a wide vareity of speeds.

The past few years of Sabre runs were producing an overstable version and we just couldnt figure out why.
It appears after 10 years of molding the Sabre, Blaze and Demon,,,, a small lip developed on the frame for the insert which didnt allow the stripper ring a chance to seat all the way down. This caused the bead on these discs to be more pronounced and the discs to be more overstable than before.

This current run of sabres ( and one previous run of E demons in the more flexible HPP) has the bead is back to where it was orginally ( about .020 less bead showing or even with the bottom of the wing) and they are MONEY in feel and flight!!!!!.

We will start running the Blaze tomorrow.
The hybird will be discontinued for now.

We have a disc in the works that has been prototyped a few times,, its a flatter top and sharper nose for the Apache with a ST ( surface technolgy) finish on the leading 1" edge of the top.

This should produce a really fast disc and a little more overstable than the Apache, think champ wraithish but with our rounded inside rim where the rim depth meets the flight plate!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nikko "from the road".

I cant seem to get Nikko's blog set up, so I'll pass long some excerpts from the conversation we just had.

Even though he didnt do so well (5th place) he still loved the course and the event.

He likened the Seneca course to a smaller version of Ozark Mountain.

He is staying with Joe Mela a very good friend of mine and someone Nikko can learn a lot from.
Joe mentioned that Nikko couldnt except the fact that some of the holes were just not meant to duece and made 4's instead of 3's all over the place.

Nikko paid some great compliments to Mike Moser saying he was the best putter he ever played with and could throw straight through the woods without hitting a tree at will.

While he admited his competitors were playing quite well. he just didnt have the putt working at all.
Another big hand to the local club for creating such a nice purse as Nikko took home $700.00 for his 5th place finish!!

Today Joe is taking Nikko back out for a lesson in course management :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lindenwood lay out so far!!

Here is a rough idea on what the lay out will look like.

This is not the final version,, click on the image to view a larger image!

you can even see into the woods!!!!!!!!

NEW Course going in At Lindenwood University

So we just signed a contract for a new course in ST Charles MO at Lindenwood Universtity.

Design started about 3 months ago and its been in idled just waiting for the green light.
We spent several hours both Friday and Saturday fine tuning the lay out and its really coming together.

Like most courses the lay of the land can make or break a track and in this case,,, it surely makes the track. Plenty of elevation, some woods, a few really killer greens and A lake.
On top of this Titan Pro-24 baskets..

For those of you who have played the ST louis courses,,, think a combination of Quail ridge and Sioux Passage, with a lake that comes into play on 3 holes.
The student have no idea what they are in store for!!
This course will be something special by the time its all said and done.

Right now we are looking at 4 par 4's and 1 par 5,,, making it a par 60 from the tee signs.

The design phase should pass approval by the end of next week.

Anyone that wants to help clear out some of the wooded holes ( there's at least 4 holes that will be totally in the woods that will need some serious work and a few tees and pins),,,,, just get in touch with me at .

I'll be going out there a lot over the next few weeks!!

The project is full steam ahead!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brides maid AGAIN for Nikko

Nikko's trip to Louisville this weekend didnt go as planned.
This was Nikkos 9th or 10th second place finish of the year,to go along with his 9 wins.
Good thing about the event the crew in louisville did a great job raising cash and nikko took home $800.00 in prize money and another $200.00 in bonus.
This payday Kept nikko on top of the money list with just over $20K in earnings and almost $3500.00 in bonuses..and still going.

Next up for Nikko is the Eric Yetter In Pennsylvania!

I'm woriking on getting his own blog going, hopefully by this weekend.

Friday, September 4, 2009

How frisbees/discs are made ( the basics)

Well here's is some interesting info on ho frisbees are made, bot all of this is accurate of golf dics, and there's a lot left unsaid, but worth the read!

RED organic Wizards

We just ran some RED Organic Wizards, they're probably the most flexible OG run so far.

There was only about 400 ran, so if you're a dealer and you're interested, just call the shop!

they have a cool new small Wizard logo I'll try and get a picture up!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gateway In the news

link to actual article

NEWS Article from RTP Company!.

One of our material suppliers started asking us questions and liked the answers so much, they used our golf disc application for their news section of their website.

High Gravity Material Improves Grip Performance While Retaining Golf Disc Flexibility

When the phrase "golfing" is mentioned, one's immediate reaction may be to imagine the standard ball and club game. However, a variation of this traditional game — called disc golf — adopts the use of density-modified plastic flying discs in place of balls and clubs.

Disc golf's popularity has rapidly grown over the last few decades to become a worldwide phenomenon, offering players an inexpensive and more accessible option to shooting an elusive hole-in-one. The object of the game — throwing a flying disc into a basket or at a target — has become easier with today's more durable and easier-to-grip discs.

Flying disc manufacturers have improved their products over the years to make them more thrower-friendly for novice and professional golfers. When Gateway Disc Sports, a supplier of high performance golf discs and accessories, wanted to upgrade their Shur-Grip™ product line, they turned to RTP Company for the ideal material.

"Our main goal was to find a material that would accept mineral additives to reach a density of 2.0," explained David McCormack, owner of Gateway. "At this particular density we are able to maintain the flexibility of our discs to adapt well to a variety of playing conditions. Other suppliers we tried could only achieve a density of 1.6, but RTP Company engineers were able to formulate a material that reached 2.0 easily."

Designers at Gateway selected an RTP 2800 B Series high gravity thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) compound as being best suited for their discs. The material has excellent surface abrasion and impact properties, which prolong the durability of discs during use while its thermoplastic elastomer nature provides necessary flexibility.

Gateway's products maintain consistently effective performance in all playing conditions — hot, cold, rainy, or dry. According to McCormack, polyurethane materials can become slippery with moisture, while their Shur-Grip™ discs remain easy-to-grip, providing more throwing control.

"When using mineral additives to modify density, we've discovered the softer thermoplastic elastomer components tend to migrate to the part surface during molding," said McCormack. "As a result, every disc we make has a tacky, easy-to-grip surface. This is a significant benefit for golfers, especially when playing in less-than-ideal conditions."

RTP Company's TPV-based thermoplastic elastomer material is also fully colorable over a wide spectrum — allowing for colors from earth tones to fluorescents making discs easy to spot on the course and appealing for a variety of player choices.

"We really found a perfect match with RTP Company," McCormack said. "With their material, batches were consistently accurate during every stage of production. This made it easy for us to create a quality product."

Gateway Disc Sports, based in St. Louis, manufactures and sells a unique line of golf discs and player-oriented accessories. For more information, visit

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