Thursday, June 18, 2009

OG baby,

We actually wound up running 2 different runs of of Organic (OG) Wizards,
One is a light green almost mint green (SSS) and the other is a darker green almost army with some black swirls (SS) most are max weight with that sweet maple syrup smell and feel awesome. There are about 500 total OG wizards which isn't much.
We will be stamping these within the next few days with the small wizard stamp and OG prototype stamp. They will be ready to ship to retail stores and on line vendors by Monday.

Today we are running SSS Black Voodoo's and then some of our other models and flexes in Black.
IF you like BLACK Putters we should have plenty!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid soft and organic putters

We are right in the middle of a big run of Stupid soft Putters (SSS) and some of these babies are stupid,,, Silly even Squishy-Soft. We have them available in Wizards and Warlocks in white yellow blue and black ( the black are still stupid but not so squishy!)
The SSS are molding up a bit flatter and just melt when they hit the chains, if you like stupid soft putters these are some of the softest and most flexible we have ever run. we should be stamping them and have them available by the end of the week.

We also just ran about 200 organic Wizards and they will go fast.
This run would be considered super soft and have a little firmness in the rim. ( of course keeping with the "green eco friendly theme" they are all green and mostly max weight.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Links to a few cool disc golf videos!

Just thought I'd post a few links to some disc golf videos,,, enjoy!

Nikko at 2008 worlds:

Mixed bags???:

Nikko and Garrett:

What is disc golf:

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support

Here is a copy of an email and my response:


I just wanted to make a statement to you that I had the opportunity to visit your HQ by Jefferson Barracks several weeks ago. At that time I spoke with Jeremy (or Justin...can't recall) and he gave me great advice on some of the Gateway discs available. I am new to disc golf, so I still have development to do on my form. However, with Jeremy's help I picked up several discs during my visit and I recently made a personal distance record of 375'(+) with an Assassin purchased that day. Awesome.

On another note, I have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, worked in automotive for 10+ years, and I am currently working on my masters in info systems in Murray, KY at Murray State University. No I'm not telling you this to get a job or something, but more because I've read your articles on the gyroscopic and centrifugal influences you describe on disc flight and I have followed them 99%. I am impressed that 'someone' is putting technical thought into the flight of discs and applying it. I am sure there are guys out there who have tacet knowledge from years of trial and error, but it appears that you are developing theories and applying them. My impression from my visit was that you are very much into developing new ideas and are not afraid to try out a few things. Being a technical person, I think that is great

Although I too have theories about disc flight, my knowledge pales in comparison to the background you and others do in the disc industry. For that reason, I won't even attempt to pretend like I have any advanced perspective to provide. However, I do enjoy the contribution you are making to the sport and please continue to write the technical explanations about the development of your product. I surely enjoy reading about it and it has made me a fan of Gateway.

Kind regards,

Jeff Kaleta

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback, kind words and support, I take it you are the guy who was asking about surface technology,,, correct?

I played my first Frisbee game in 1972 ( we threw and skipped a yellow 6” diameter Frisbee ring at each other in front of hockey goals trying to score, each kid had a glove like a hockey goalie) and built my first Frisbee mold late in 1998.

Having no prior knowledge of molds, plastic or aerodynamics, it’s all been an “applied-science-adventure” that brings about new discoveries and ideas for new product development on a daily basis. It has been a long hard road of 15 hour work days and 60 plus hour weeks and I have few regrets!

Lucky for me,, I love what I do and the weeks go by at the blink of an eye. Whether its blending a few polymers for that right feel, shape and flight or hacking out honeysuckle and briars when working on a disc golf course or working with a new player who needs help with his form,,,,,I couldn’t ask for a better career.

Gateway disc sports has come along way over the years and we’re awfully proud of our accomplishments. When I say we, I’m speaking for all the people who have helped along the way as without the support, I’m not sure our doors would still be open.

I love engaging people and go out of my way to let customers know I am very approachable and will listen to suggestions and ideas on how we can help grow our company, the sport or improve their personal disc golf experience.

That being said if there is something you want to discuss or an idea that you have regarding discs or the game, feel free to email me or give me a call with your thoughts.


I do have many more articles I should be publishing and just need to take the time to get them out of my head and on some paper. !

Thanks for the email, it is a reminder I need to get on this sooner than later!!!


I attached a few articles you may or may not have read yet and our 2009 sales docs in case you know of any resellers who may be interested in carrying our discs. There is also a link to a few videos below that are entertaining!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WOW Almost 6 months just went by

Ok I"ve been REALLY slacking on the blogging.
We are getting ready to update our website and I need to start blogging again.
So much has happened already this year I'm not sure where to start.

Lets see,,,,,,, we have a few new discs the Warrior, Apache and Savage.
Ok I know what you"re thinking 2 of these are old discs, well they are actually old names.
The Warrior is a retooled Element X,,,, which has a more rounded nose, thinner flight plate with a new ergonomic grip radius where the rim meets the flight plate. This new Mid-Range is a very controllable slightly overstable disc that comes in both Sure Grip "S" plastic and our new "E" Evolution High Performance Polymer (HPP) polyurethane!.

The Apache and Savage are longer winged control drivers that fill in the gap between the Sabre and Illusion ( think beefier Assassin/Inferno type discs in wing length speed and glide. Right now the Savage is only available in E while the Apache comes in both E and S. The savage has a bit more low speed fade and both discs have a decent amount of resistance to turn and are great gliding discs.

Well thats about it for tonight,,, i'll try and come back here each day with news pictures and video.

see ya!!!!!!

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