Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nikko's looking good so far1

Well 5 rounds are down so far at this years PDGA world championship in Central Michigan and 19 year old Nikko Locastro ( my nephew) is leading by 3 over this tough and experinced field. Ive watched him play quite a few holes and he seems as poised as anyone atthis event.
Nikko says he really likes the courses and feels they suit his game well.
On the leader card for tomorrow will be Nikko, at -51, Dave Feldberg at-48, Geoff Bennett at -42 and climbing his way to the leader card for the first time is Ken Climo 10 back at -41.

Those of you pulling for Nikko feel free to post a comment giving him support and encouragement.

I have a ton of pictures and a few videos but dont have my cable to upload them, maybe tomorrow.


jason said...

SO will we have a signature Nikko 1 time disc If he wins?

I hope so! I got dibbs!!!

Jason said...

I call dibbs also on the signature series, Man i am pumped and rooting for my teammate Nikko!!!! How cool would it be to have a gateway player win worlds....


mbstuart said...

Very exciting seeing such a young gun on the top card throughout! Keep up the good work Nikko!

Jay said...

Keep tearing it up, Nikko!

bruce said...

Good job to Nikko, but where in the "worlds" is Justin "The Kid" Bunnell????????????

Mark Stephens said...

I was there on Tuesday watching Nikko, Geoff Bennett, David Feldberg, & Markos Kollstrom at Oshtemo & it was AWESOME.

Luckily, I had run into David at Timber Ridge a bit before the round so we drove over there to watch it.

It was a great time!

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